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5000 2x2 Guardhouse Nickel Coin Holders Mylar Cardboard Storage 5 Cent Flip

  • Includes: (5000) New Guardhouse Brand 2x2 Nickel Size Cardboard Coin Flips.
  • Compatible Coins: 21.2mm (0.84in) window opening specifically designed to perfectly fit most US Nickel coins. It also accommodates Liberty Head Nickel (1883-1913), Buffalo/Indian Head Nickel (1913-1938) and Jefferson Nickel (1938-Date) coins.
  • Crystal Clear Window: Each flip is lined with archival safe crystal clear Mylar plastic, providing clear visibility of your coins from both sides. Window openings line up perfectly when folded, keeping your collection neat and professional.
  • Easy to Use: Simply fold the flip in half and staple shut to store, display, and protect your coins.
  • Moisture Resistant and Dustproof: The Mylar lining ensures your coins remain safe from moisture, dust, and environmental factors.